Frogmind Reveals “Badland” Local Multiplayer Ahead Of March Release

Badland” – the upcoming mobile game debut from former “Trials” devs at Frogmind – is apparently going to have local multiplayer. While playing with three of your best pals on a single iPhone would probably be pretty darn difficult, the newly revealed mode looks promising for iPad gamers. You can find all the deets and a gameplay trailer after the break!

The multiplayer mode will pit up to four people against each other in frenzied environments as they compete to be the last man standing creature floating. The no-holds-barred action gives players full permission to knock each other into spinning blades of death, and there will be 12 levels to test your multiplayer meddle at launch.

“Trials” is a very popular downloadable series, so a mobile title from some of the minds that made it so great is definitely something to keep your eye on. “Badland” won’t be hitting the App Store until March, but we’ve thankfully got the trailer below to hold us over in the meantime.

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