'Dead Island: Riptide's' UK Collector's Edition Torso Thing Is Your Bad Idea Of The Day

Now hold on with the moral outrage--let's talk about why this is simply crappy art.

Here in the U.S., Deep Silver/Techland are commemorating the release of "Dead Island: Riptide" with the release of the Rigor Mortis edition (available for preorder here). That edition will net you a suitcase-style box for your game, a hotel keychain, a little zombie hula girl, and a severed hand. When you look at the kinds of toys and nicknacks publishers deign to include with these special editions, you hope that somehow they have something compelling or interesting to say/relate about a game. In this case, it's all about a trip gone bad, maintaining the zombiefied Caribbean resort theme shared by both "Riptide" and 2011's "Dead Island."

By contrast, the centerpiece of the U.K. April 26th release of the Zombie Bait edition is the bikini-clad torso above. It's not really saying anything about the game on offer. We can say it's touching on the vacation theme with the bikini, but it's squarely, resolutely just a disembodied hunk of (fake) meat. So it's selling this kind of weird, disembodied T&A, which isn't really what the first game was about and presumably has little to do with the second.

So what's the point? Well, it's gotten me to write a couple of hundred words about it along with running a picture, so on that score, Techland has succeeded. But to what extent it's going to get people to consider "Riptide" as their 2013 zombie game purchase? Well, that remains to be seen.

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