New Video Game Releases For The Week Of 1/15: Please Hammerlock, Don't Hurt 'Em

That title was completely unmotivated and unnecessary. I apologize and should be ashamed of myself. I'm not, but I should be.

Whether they're from hell, trapped between life and death, or just the native beasts on an alien planet, today's apparently a good day to hunt monsters. With a major console release ("Devil May Cry"), a big chunk of DLC ("Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" DLC), and a PSP straggler ("Corpse Party; Book of Shadows"), this week might not have a lot on offer, but the selection is at least diverse.

Title: "Devil May Cry"

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3 (PC Version coming next week)

Word is, Ninja Theory's handling of the "Devil May Cry" reboot is good--very good. While our own Jason Cipriano plans to weigh in with his own thoughts on this back-to-basics take on the Son of Sparda's first adventure, I'll admit to being very excited for this one. The character action game has a lot of variables that tend to spin wildly out of control for the less savvy devs out there: they either over-complicate it, or can't quite figure out how to get the right balance of flourish and coherent action out of the experience.

Based on "Heavenly Sword" alone, I got that Ninja Theory understood the most rudimentary elements on this front, but hearing all over the place that they've nailed it gives me hope that more developers can pick up this particular gaming baton and run with it in other, interesting ways.

Title: "Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" DLC

Platform(s): PS3, PC, Xbox 360

This latest "Borderlands 2" DLC straight up says, hey, here's a bunch of stuff to kill--have at it, as Gearbox's shooter/RPG takes you on safari.

From the official synopsis:

What starts off as a relaxing hunting expedition with Sir Hammerlock soon takes a sinister turn as our Vault Hunters stumble across a new villain intent on restoring the legacy of Handsome Jack. Irresistible new loot, memorable new quests, a variety of challenging and exotic new enemies, a new vehicle and more await players as they fight their way through the never-before-seen lands of Aegrus to give this evil-doer the old one-two!

You'll have to separate yourself from 10 of your American dollars (or the moon bucks of your preferred platform) if you want to take this trip.

Title: "Corpse Party: Book of Shadows"

Platform(s): PSP

In what sounds like a mix of your classic point-and-click adventure and "Eternal Darkness," we've get XSEED's "Corpse Party: Book of Shadows" out this week on the PSP. It's been two years since the first game, from Japanese developer 5pb, and "Book of Shadows" doesn't seem to be messing with the original formula too much as far as branching horror/old-school first-person adventure game experiences go.

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