PlayStation 4 And Xbox 720 Announcements As Early As March?

The official word on Microsoft and Sony's next-gen game consoles may be coming sooner than anyone expected. According to a recent report from Game Informer, both companies are planning "Apple-style press conferences" to reveal the rumored PS4 and Xbox 720 as early March.

Rather than worry about being one-upped by the competition, revealing a new console at their own keynote, outside of the typical events like E3, would allow Microsoft and Sony to keep the attention on them. If this is indeed what will happen, it really doesn't come as much of a surprise. Microsoft in particular has recently pulled away from major trade shows like CES to establish their own media events, in similar fashion to Apple.

The Game Informer report goes on to speculate that Sony may be trying to launch their console ahead of Microsoft this time around, something Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian also predicted.

"We hear that Sony in particular is determined not to come out last this time like the PlayStation 3 did this generation, so we'll have to see how soon it can get the PlayStation 4 out the door, and whether Microsoft is motivated to prevent this from happening," the report reads.

Its all speculation for now, but Game Informer estimates the respective announcements will come sometime around GDC, which takes place March 25-29 this year.

Fingers crossed.

[Videogamer via Gamespot]

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