Now You Can Have Same-Sex Relationships In 'The Old Republic'... But Only On One Planet

Welcome to the planet Mekab, part of "The Old Republic's" January 7 DLC "Rise of the Hutts." These slimy space gangsters will make their first appearance here as will same-sex relationship options in the BioWare/EA MMO.

In a move that's a curious and unfortunate mix of lack of planning and the complexities of designing around a dialog-heavy MMO, if you want to hook up with gay NPCs in "The Old Republic," you'll simply have to head to Mekab as part of the paid update. Steve Hogarty very effectively breaks down why this might be a problem for "The Old Republic" fans finally looking to see same-sex relationships make an appearance in the ambitious RPG, pointing not only to the ghettoization of gay and lesbian sexual orientations, and some of the unintended effects this might have with fans.

BioWare, often credited with being very community-focused in their games' content, should be lauded for making the attempt to work same-sex relationships into "The Old Republic." At the same time, the solution here is pretty broken--you won't be able to take any of these characters on as companions and again, you'll have to pay for the privilege of the same-sex dialog options ($9.99 for subscribers, $19.99 for those in the F2P tier).

However awkwardly executed, BioWare's "Mass Effect" and "Star Wars" games were some of the few AAA releases that allowed characters to participate in same-sex relationships to any real extent. Now their hidden behind a paywall in an almost cursory way that feels dismissive to this particular segment of the audience and also smacks of poor storytelling as a whole.

[Source: PC Games N]

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