How To Tweet At Original 'Devil May Cry' And 'Resident Evil 2' Designer Hideki Kamiya

With around 80,000 tweets, many of them one or two-word smackdowns of curious fans who've deigned to ask him to same question for the hundredth or thousandth time, Platinum Games' designer/director Hideki Kamiya, (PG_Kamiya) may not be the meanest man on Twitter, but he's in the running.

So if you want to know how to chat at the prickly (and also brilliant) game designer behind "Resident Evil 2," the original "Devil May Cry," "Bayonetta," and "Viewtiful Joe," you might want to follow these handy tips.

Compliments are always welcome

The man works hard on some pretty memorable and fun games--show him a little love before you ask him a question. He seems to really appreciate it.

But don't expect more than a couple words' response... least in English. His Japanese-language responses are typically a little longer, but he's most content to RT and provide short and to the point answers to fans' tweets (with an average of something like 2.5 words per tweet). And don't go looking for a lot of original tweets here--he's all about the fan engagement (even if it's in the most prickly way possible at times).

Don't ask him about the "Devil May Cry" remake.

Look, we know you might want to know what the man responsible for Dante's first adventure thinks of the Ninja Theory reboot, but consider it like asking James Cameron what he thought of David Fincher's "Alien 3"--sure, he has an opinion, but he's also being respectful to the new folks in charge of the series. It's better to drop it and move on--he has.

He will talk smack about your mom, so...

Go into it with thick skin and a good question/compliment ready. In fact, he's happy to hit you with an insult if you pester him about either a.) a game he didn't work on or b.) a subject he considers otherwise inane, "Mean Kamiya" will make a short and to the point appearance.

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