New Screens Introduce 'Mars War Logs'

By Joseph Leray

Spiders Studios released new screenshots for "Mars War Logs" over the weekend, which is as good an excuse as any to take a look at the game. The developers are calling it a “short story” cyberpunk sci-fi action-RPG that takes place -- if you haven’t guessed -- on Mars.

It’s the distant future at a group of space-capitalists have a stranglehold on the water on Mars, making life difficult for the colonists living there. Roy Temperance is “a renegade with multiple talents,” who's taken it upon himself to enter the fray, presumably in opposition to Aurora, a water company that’s strong-armed his hometown with its army of Technomants.

These newest screens show a few snippets from Roy’s journey through the Shadowlair with a girl named Innocence, a young fugitive who helped Roy escape a Martian work-camp.

The evil interstellar corporation is a traditional sci-fi touchstone, and publisher Focus Home Interactive is promising all of the standard RPG fare -- dialogue choices, multiple skill trees (the most tantalizing of which is Techromancy, apparently), and a weapon-crafting system. The stillshots and trailer seem well put together, though, and Spiders’ experience with the excellent Of Orcs and Men gives Mars War Logs more street cred than its goofy name might suggest.

Mars War Logs has a release window of Spring 2013 and should be available on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC.

If you are just straight-up jonesing for games that take place on Mars, though, you could always re-play the first mission in Mass Effect 3, or pick up Tiger Style’s Waking Mars.

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