'Clash of Clans' Update Introduces Dark Elixir And Hero Characters! (video)

"Clash of Clans" has been dominating the Top-Grossing charts on the App Store for quite awhile, and the free-to-play PvP title got it's first update of the year on Thursday. The update does away with the winter theme and items, but introduces a new resource, Hero characters, new defenses and more.

The biggest change version in version 3.3 has to be the the introduction of Dark Elixir and Hero characters -- the Barbarian King and Archer Queen. Unlike your standard-issue troops these Heroes will never die, instead only resting to fight again after a period of time. Heroes start on level 1 and can be upgraded all the way to level 30. They also have the ability to attack or defend. Unfortunately, Heroes take up valuable space in your village rather than chilling out in the army camps you already have.

In order to recruit/create the Heroes you'll need to gather Dark Elixir, which has been formed over time by fossilized Black Dragon bones. Town Halls need to be at level 7 in order to build the Dark Elixir storage, but you'll need to upgrade it to level 9 if you want to build the Dark Elixir collector. Without the collector, it appears the only way to find the extremely rare resource is by stealing it from other players. It's an interesting addition to a game that already has a lot going on, and it will be fun to see just how valuable these "Heroes" are.

"Clash of Clans" version 3.3 also gives players the ability to track who the most valuable members of their clan are. Thanks to a new troop donation score, based on clan castle housing filled, players can see exactly which members are truly team players.

According to the iTunes listing, other changes include:

Cool New defences

- Two new X-Bow upgrade levels for maximum firepower

- You can now build two X-Bows on Town Hall level 9

- Two new wall upgrade levels: "Spikes of Pain" and "Flaming Magma"

Balance modifications & bug fixes

- Stockpile more Gold and Elixir! New storages added to Town Hall level 9

- Barracks level 8 upgrade cost reduced by 30%

- X-Bow range decreased to 11 tiles in Air & Ground mode

- X-Bow ammo capacity decreased by 25%

- X-Bow loading cost displayed in the info screen

- The Winter is over! Santa Spell and Unpleasent Present removed. And it has stopped snowing!

- You can now tap and hold the Create Spell button to queue spell production

Check out a trailer for the update below!

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