App of the Week: 'Noble Nutlings'

Founded by three former Rovio veterans who had a hand in the explosive "Angry Birds" franchise, Boomlagoon today launched their first game for iOS. Dubbed "Noble Nutlings," the game tasks players with piloting a rickety cart across hilly landscapes as fast as possible. The catch is you cant let any of the squirrel passengers fall out along the way.

The game is a free download that lets players upgrade their vehicle with thousands of combinations, collecting acorns and hurtling towards the finish line with the help of a spicy hot-pepper boost. There are dozens of levels where players will try their best to earn all three stars to unlock more stages, something that's become pretty standard in the mobile gaming arena.

"Noble Nutlings is the game I’ve wanted to make for years," said Tuomas Erikoinen, co-founder and lead designer at Boomlagoon. "Behind the lighthearted style is a challenging racing title that should keep players coming back for 'just one more level.'"

I've spent time with the "Noble Nutlings" over the past week and I have to admit "just one more level" is a phrase I uttered many times myself. Building your cart as you collect coins really adds to the game, leading you to continually tweak which parts you use to find that perfect balance of speed and weight.

In addition to the cart customization and the tip-tilt action on the way to the finish line, players also have a chance to spin a slot machine-esque wheel. In order to do this you'll have to land at least one double backflip during the race. Rewards include things like coins and more hot-pepper boost. It's a simple but addictive feature that had me repeating levels with big-air opportunities over and over again.

"Noble Nutlings" may not be the next huge franchise, but there's no denying that it's a fun, quality game with plenty to keep you coming back for more. It's also free, so convincing yourself to head over to the App Store and give it shot shouldn't be to hard. Check out the trailer below!

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