'Metal Gear Rising Revengeance' Director Saito Details Gameplay Concepts

The core idea of "Metal Gear Rising Revengeance" should be simple enough: put players in control of emotionally fragile cyber ninja Raiden in a "Metal Gear Solid" side story. Well, the aims of Platinum Games' Kenji Saito went a little further than that, as he details in a recent blog post about the core concepts behind the hack and slash action game.

When Platinum Games took over development of the Kojima Productions title, Saito says they started with two core concepts for how "Revengeance" should play: “Slicing that feels so good you could die,” and “A game with full blown, fast-paced action.” Saito, who also worked on "All-time Greatest Game" contender "Bayonetta" knows of what he speaks here--that title had some of the smoothest, most intuitive combat, with a blend of visual and auditory cues to make both offense and defense a fluid thing.

From the sounds of it, the Platinum Games team is looking to do something similar here, elaborating a bit on "Execution" which sounds similar to "Bayonetta's" Witch Time, allowing you to deliver extra damage to enemies if you build up enough charge (in the case of "Revengeance," by pulling off a series of rapid normal moves). That's not to say Platinum Games is trying to make "Bayonetta" 1.5 starring Raiden (although we'd be alright with that), but it does sound like their team is taking some of the things they learned from that title and applying them here.

You should read the full blog post and see details about Blade Mode (remember the watermelon-cutting video--that) and Parrying (it offers both offense and defense).

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