Don't Nod Off: Capcom's 'Remember Me' Gets New Trailer

By Joseph Leray

Capcom left “a late Christmas present” underneath our collective trees yesterday, in the form of a new gameplay trailer for Dontnod Entertainment’s Remember Me.

Here, we see intrepid memory hunter Nilin stalking Neo-Paris’ Latin Quarter, looking to pull some security codes out of her unsuspecting mark’s brain. The trailer seems to track this particular mission pretty closely -- we see Nilin climbing a building, fighting some guards, evading a helicopter, and eventually coming face-to-face with Kid Xmas.

The tussle with Kid Xmas takes place inside some sort of slapped together arena, complete with a stylized fight card. It’s all a bit on the nose, but the extra bit of camp reminds me of games like Killer 7 and Vanquish.

When Remember Me was announced at GDC Europe over the summer, publisher Capcom sent Street Fighter veteran Yoshinori Ono to advise the fledgling Dontnod with the game’s melee combat. Jean-Maxime Moris, Dontnod co-founder and creative director, told Eurogamer this summer that his team “wants to keep those combos as accessible as possible so they don’t take too much skill to perform.”

"Remember Me" will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in May.

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