Lex Luthor And Bane Revealed For 'Injustice' In Upcoming Magazine Spread

A pair of pics from the upcoming issue of "@Gamer Magazine" confirm that a power suit-wearing Lex Luthor and Batman heavy Bane will be joining the roster of "Injustice: Gods Among Us."

If there were two characters that were highly likely to make their way into the Netherrealm fighter, it would be these guys. How can you have Superman without his archnemesis or Batman without the guy who mumbled at him through the entirety of a big budget summer action movie?

From the shots taken by Comic Book Movie, it looks like the devs went with the 80's-era, power suit-wearing Lex and a slightly less roided-out version of Bane than we've seen in other game incarnations.

Here are the descriptions for both characters as captured by Comic Book Movie:

BANE - True to his hulking form, Bane is a power character and a master of grappling who uses wrestling-inspired moves without a projectile in sight. The Batman villain's character trait is to pump venom through his body. When triggered, it amps up his power and makes him even more dangerous.

LEX LUTHOR - Superman's nemesis is not only key to the story mode, but he's also a heavy-duty fighter, thanks to his armored suit. Luthor relies heavily on gadget-based attacks, and can launc missiliees and suck foes towards him. His special trait is a shield that can be powered up by holding a button.

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[Source(s): @Gamer Magazine via Comic Book Movie]

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