New Video Game Releases For The Week Of 1/8: A Gradual Thaw

This might not, strictly speaking, be the absolute, positive best time for new releases, with only a pair of notable titles on the calendar for this week. After a lengthy delay since its Japanese release, Platinum Games' arena action game "Anarchy Reigns" finally gets a stateside release, will "Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable" offers a bug hunt on your Vita.

Title: "Anarchy Reigns"

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3

This week's only multi-platform release is one that, for a minute, we didn't think we'd see here in the U.S. Whatever is going on with Platinum Games and SEGA can't be all that good with the latter ceding publishing rights for "Bayonetta 2" to Nintendo and (allegedly) sitting on "Anarchy Reigns" for months after its localization was completed earlier in 2012.

What can that mean for this week's release? Well, for one thing, it's available for a discount, so you can snatch it up for half a normal retail title, but I don't know if that necessarily factors into the quality of "Anarchy Reigns."

Title: "Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable"

Platform(s): PS Vita

Speaking of budget titles, that's generally been D3 Publisher's main deal, most prominently with the "Earth Defense Force" budget series. This latest entry brings multiplayer and some enhancements to the PS Vita port of the PS3 and 360 version of the game if you're looking for some alien insect killing action this week.

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