'Hanna' Screenwriter Joins 'Shadow of the Colossus' Adaptation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Seth Lochhead was hired by Sony to work with "Chronicle" director Josh Trank to bring "Shadow of the Colossus" to the big screen.

Based solely on "Hanna," the offbeat, fairy tale-infused teen assassin movie from 2011, it's hard to get a bead on what Lochhead will be bringing to "Shadow of the Colossus," or indeed what Sony is looking for from him here. While "Hanna's" very deliberate Grimm hitgirl story could be a little on the nose at time, it was certainly a clever reworking of the "genetically-engineered-assassin-seeks-answers" plot. How much of that comes down to director Joe Wright remains to be seen (not a knock against Lochhead, but a lot of "Hanna" was about its style and execution).

"Chronicle" director Josh Trank is still onboard to direct and provide supervision of the script, whose current synopsis sees young adventurer Wander and his horse Argo wandering the land, defeating 16 colossi in order to save a girl named Mono. Currently, the movie is without an announced start date and it's unclear what, if any, involvement developer Team Ico might have with the feature.

Besides "Shadow of the Colossus," Lochhead also has a top-secret project with Michael Bay called "The Governess" set up at Warner Bros.

[Source(s): The Hollywood Reporter via Eurogamer]

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