New Video Shows How 'Dead Space 3' Works With Kinect

From the looks of it, Visceral Games' Kinect integration into "Dead Space 3" is similar to how Bioware handled the same in "Mass Effect 3." The twist this time around is that the commands you'll be shouting at your TV will focus on the co-op in "Dead Space 3." According to the video, players can quick-call partner healing commands or pathfinding.

Third-party developers are, I think, still trying to figure out what to do for all of those gamers out there with Kinects. The features outlined for "Dead Space 3" are useful inasmuch as we're willing to ignore that they're just an alternate way to deal with existing controller inputs. I think we're all still waiting for the point where one of these titles will figure out ways to have Kinect-specific functions that will do justice to both the games and the hardware.

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