'Joe Danger' Gets All Touchy-Feely On iOS Later This Month

It looks like "Joe Danger" will be bringing is Evel Knievel-inspired antics to the App Store later this month. Speaking to CVG, Hello Games head honcho Sean Murray said "Joe Danger Touch" will backflip onto iPhone and iPad with new features and characters.

"I don't think Joe Danger Touch feels like anything else I've played," said Murray. "I want it to feel like it could only work on iOS, because we've built it specifically for the device. Towards the end of the game, it gets super difficult, probably more so than the console version. I'm amazed what levels I can handle sometimes, and the subtlety possible with just a touch interface."

Somewhat expectedly, the new characters being introduced in "Joe Danger Touch" can be unlocked by either progressing through the game, or submitting your credit card to dreaded in-app purchases. There's also the addition of Game Center support, through which players will be able to send their friends challenges.

There's no specific release date quite yet, but the touch controls will apparently have players swiping to do wheelies, flicking obstacles out of the way, tapping away to jump and holding down to crouch. If Joe happens to catch himself on fire (damn those flaming rings!) it appears players will be able to blow on their device to put him out.

[Joystiq via CVG]

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