Buying a Pre-Owned Wii U? You Could Get Some Free Games

When Nintendo revealed that Nintendo Network IDs would be tied to the Wii U console they were created on, we were a little surprised. However, the system is proving pretty beneficial for folks who've gotten their hands on used Wii U consoles. As it turns out, all the previous digital purchases made by the original owner seem to be tied to the console itself, regardless of whether or not account information has been deleted.

According to NeoGAF user DSN2K, "whoever owned the console before me purchased multiple games, meaning all the games he purchased are available to redownload for free....This is with a new account btw I setup as well. Games are clearly linked to Console itself. Advice to those buying a second hand WiiU's...check all the games on the might be in for some 'free' games!"

Wii U supports up to 12 separate Nintendo Network accounts, so everyone in the family (and maybe some friends) can have their own settings. If one account is used to purchase a game, all of the other account holders will have access to it. Apparently, this still applies even after account information has been removed and the console restored to factory settings.

So, how long do you think it will take Nintendo to address the loophole?

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