Dante Announces Himself In This 'DmC' Trailer

This "DmC" trailer isn't exactly new: it was in front of some movies during I think the months of November and December--maybe earlier? Although that can't be right since I'm pretty sure I saw it before "Resident Evil: Retribution" back in September.

Regardless, if you didn't get a chance to see this ridiculous CG trailer (I love that the music is in time with Dante making his stylish trot across the bouncing cars), it features our half-hellion hero introducing himself to the secret demonic overlords plaguing our world. The trailer has all of the ridiculous swagger you associate with the series, but slowed down a bit more. Young Dante was mellower, I guess?

"Devil May Cry" will be available on January 15th for the Xbox 360 and PS3, followed by the PC version on January 25th.

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