Microsoft Just Bought A Media-Streaming Service For Xbox

It's become fairly obvious that Microsoft sees the Xbox 360 (and the Xbox name in general) as much more than a video game console. In the past few months alone, we've found out that former CBS executive Nancy Tellem joined the Xbox team, heard rumors that an "Xbox TV" set-top box could be released alongside the rumored "Xbox 720" and seen Microsoft job listings seeking out television producers.

Now, Microsoft has made another move that could increase the non-video game related capabilities of the Xbox 360 and future consoles.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has bought R2 Studios along with patents related to technology used for controlling other electronic devices. The company's founder, Blake Krikorian, will apparently be joining the Xbox team with a small team of his own.

R2 Studios has reportedly been working on a system that would allow digital media to be distributed to TVs, along with home automation devices that would allow users to do things like remotely control the heating and lighting in a home via an Android app.

There's no solid info yet on what exactly Krikorian and his team will be working on in regard to Xbox, but it's clear Microsoft has big plans for the brand's future. We could speculate all day about what they're up to, but we want to hear from you. Hit the comments and share you thoughts!

[via IGN]

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