Take A Look At This Awesome LEGO Big Daddy

Yes, what you see above is a near perfect representation of Big Daddy from "BioShock" made entirely out of the awesome plastic bricks we call LEGO. Don't worry, there's no way this little guy has the ability to brutally disfigure you.

The LEGO sculpture was created by builder Pate-keetongu. He used pieces from several different LEGO products, but the piece that really sets it off has to be chrome colored drill, which was apparently borrowed from one of the old Rock Raiders sets – remember those?

Big Daddy is definitely quite a feat as far as LEGO builds go, but he's not the only memorable video game character Pate-keetongu has given the plastic brick treatment. Samus Aran has been delighting gamers through Nintendo's Metroid series since the NES, and the fan behind LEGO Big Daddy has created a model of her.

What video game character would you most like to see in LEGO form? Personally, I think Link could be pretty awesome. Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

[via Neatorama]

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