MTV Multiplayer's Best Wii U Games of 2012

It's that time of year where we celebrate the memorable games from the last year. The best, the best-looking, the one's that kept us on the edge of our seat, and the ones that nearly had us tossing the controller in frustration. Be sure to check out the other MTV Multiplayer Best of 2012 lists!

Editor's Note: This list is pretty much a plagiarization of Jason's fantastic "Five Wii U Games You Should Be Playing At Launch" post.

I mean really, Nintendo's quirky mix of tablet and console has only been out a short while, so I haven't got to play that many games yet. That being said, my experiences with the few I have had the pleasure to jump into have more or less sold me on a future for Nintendo. Also, take note that this is a truncated list compared to Charles' top 10 games of Xbox 360 and PS3. As making a list of the best offerings for any console is difficult enough (especially for one who plays internal mind games of Devil's advocate), there's a little ease in the pressure dispite a decently sized launch lineup. So without further ado, here are the best games of 2012 for the Wii U!

#5 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Yeah, I know... first one out is a port.... but hear me out! Last generation, the Big N faced more than one opposing forum thread about being "too kiddie." And while I would argue that simply having guns and blood and swears does not an adult game make, it's a good sign that publishers and devs are willing to stake time and money on a new system to offer hardcore titles for gamers. It also helps that the gamepad is more in-line with what has become a traditional controller. Ok, some of the textures get a little muddy and the online community is small (but growing!) and the touch controls are gimmicky, but overall "CoD:BO 2" is a fine port and a welcome addition to a budding platform.

#4 Nintendo Land

Jason's review sums up the experience for Nintendo Land pretty nicely as a mishmosh of unique controls, loads of nostalgia, and plenty of fun. As many Wii adopters first wrapped their minds around motion controls with "WiiSports," so too will Wii U first timers truly understand how that bulky touch controller will usher in new experiences with "Nintendo Land." And what better way than with an all new suite of easy to grasp minigames that play with Nintendo's most cherished IPs? Everything from single player F-Zero racing (my fav) to chasing a Mario-esque Mii with a group of your friends, Nintendo Land has something to offer everyone. The only downside is that there isn't any direct online multiplayer features.

(Jason's review)

#3 Scribblenauts Unlimited

I'll keep this one pretty short. The primary gameplay for "Scribblenauts Unlimited" consists of either typing or dragging and placing. The Wii U gamepad is taylor-made for these exact functions. Throw on a health dose of bright colors, cheery design, and wacky word combinations and you have one pretty fun puzzler!

(Jason's Review)

#2 New Super Mario Bros. U

Every great Nintendo system needs a great Mario game. Period. Though the "new" in NSMBU isn't as polished seeing as 2012 had two of them (New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS is the other) the game stands on its own as a somewhat cheeky game with bright, cartoony animations along with a few nods to "Super Mario World." Toss in frustratingly fun side-by-side co-op and a bunch of bonus challenge modes and you'll never be in want of Mario action!

(Jason's Review)

#1 ZombiU

Who would have thought an Ubisoft launch title trudging deep along the well worn zombie path, featuring rogue-like mechanics, and on-the-surface touch and motion gimmicks would end up being one, if not the best, example of debut software on a traditionaly family-friendly console? Even given my cautiously optimistic preview playthrough I initially thought that, at best, it would be a niche title upheld by a staunch few believers. However, it turns out that the abysmally titles "ZombiU" would be a hit and quickly became a favorite among Wii U buyers. The dark, claustrophobic art design built an atmosphere of loss and hopelessness. Each zombie enounter could be your last and with limited supplies, you never knew what might be lurking around the corner. Yes, the story is inane but the exhausted horror genre needed a little boost. "ZombiU" delivers with a frightening and frantic title worth a spot in your library.

And there you have it, the top five best games from 2012 on the Wii U. Now kindly argue in the comments about how I'm totally wrong and your favorite is the actual, factual (RE: opinion) number one!

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