MTV Multiplayer's Best Characters Of 2012

It's that time of year where we celebrate the memorable games from the last year. The best, the best-looking, the one's that kept us on the edge of our seat, and the ones that nearly had us tossing the controller in frustration. Be sure to check out the other MTV Multiplayer Best of 2012 lists!

When you're spending six to 60 hours in a game, the characters you play and the characters around you need to be a little dangerous, a little scary, a little vulnerable--but maybe not all in the same person.

So which character stuck with us the most even after the game was over? Maybe they scared us a little; maybe we we afraid what would happen to them once the credits started to roll; maybe we hoped we could play as them again in the future.

These are our picks for the best characters of 2012.

3. Wei Shen (performer: Will Yun Lee), "Sleeping Dogs"

Conflicted Hong Kong cop Wei Shen isn't anything new if you spent your formative years watching gritty HK crime movies, but it was still refreshing to see this kind of character brought to life in an actual game instead of the endless winking homages to the works of John Woo (and no, we're not forgetting "Stranglehold," try as we might). Caught between the cops and crooks in the neon-lit city, "Sleeping Dogs'" kung fu-fighting, gun-wielding badass offered the ultimate Hong Kong action movie power trip.

2. Vaas (performer: Michael Mando), "Far Cry 3"

And then there's this psychopath, "Far Cry 3" cover villain Vaas. Even his name cuts through the air like an angry blade, this lunatic pirate and slaver who strikes fear into the rebels of the Rook Islands. While the game story's attempts to create a parallel between Vaas and hero Jason Brody ultimately fall flat (Jason's just not mean enough to be in even the same league as Vaas), he's still so fascinating because his character seems almost possessed by violence and hurting others.

And the winner of the Best Character of 2012 goes to:

Clementine (performer: Melissa Hutchison), "The Walking Dead"

Thanks to the tireless efforts of developer Telltale Games' PR, you might have seen the #ForClementine tag pop up in your Twitter feed in the lead-up to the final episode of "The Walking Dead." Gamers who'd protected this little girl in the adventure game had grown attached: she was by the side of hero Lee Everett for a large part of the game and was starting to show her independence. But by the end of episode four, something happened that put her fate into question, and none of us were sure if she'd make it out of the first season alive. And the final chapter was effectively about the choices you as Lee had made for this poor orphan in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Special Award: The Busby Memorial Award For Characters We Never Want to See Again

Jason Brody (performer: Robert Crooks), "Far Cry 3" : It was a toss-up between Jason and "Mass Effect 3's" James Vega (a chucklehead whose neck tattoos have neck tattoos), but Jason takes home the prize for being such a poorly-developed "commentary" on the state of shooters. Such a bland, self-centered whiner, you'll spend most of your time with Jason hoping that he's just someone in the Animus as some weird "Assassin's Creed"/"Far Cry" crossover, and any minute now, you'll awake in someone not horrible.

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