Details On The First Batch Of 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' DLC Leaked

Well, it doesn't look like Activision and Treyarch are wasting any time bringing DLC to the "Black Ops 2" playing masses. Nothing has been confirmed, but some initial details on the first batch of new multiplayer maps recently leaked.

The supposed expansion is called "Revolution" and if the leaked image above (spotted and tweeted by @RaptorClaw141) is anything to go by, the first batch of DLC for Black Ops 2 will deliver four new multiplayer maps, along with a new map for the zombies mode and a new weapon.

Apparently, the multiplayer maps are named Hydro, Downhill, Grind and Mirage. The zombies map on the other hand looks to be dubbed Die Rise, and the new weapon players will be getting their hands on is the Peacekeeper SMG. Obviously, we can't confirm whether or not the gun will be usable in standard multiplayer matches or confined to zombies mode, but it certainly appears to be on the way.

Like almost all of the DLC we've seen for Call of Duty games over the past few years, it looks like this download will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for a certain amount of time before heading to PS3 or Wii U players. The image shows a release date for January 29th.

We'll update all of you as soon as Activision comes forward with an official announcement. Until then, hit the comments and tell us what kind of maps you'd like to see in "Revolution".

[via IGN]

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