'Zeno Clash II' Screens Are Your Dose Of Weird, Lumpy Body Horror For the Day

Another "Zeno Clash" game is cooking in the mad laboratories at developer ACE Team, and to prove it, they've released a batch of screens for the first-person action/adventure game.

"Weird" is typically my easy out when describing something like "Zeno Clash," but it's not really fair to the vision of the artists and behind it who want you to see the body (human or otherwise) as a potential site of ruin or divine horror-comedy. "Zeno Clash" is what would happen if the non-human characters from something by animator Peter Chung made their way into a video game, with environments from a "Myst"-era point and click adventure.

Anyway, behold the new screens as well as last year's teaser trailer. "Zeno Clash II" will be making its way to the 360, PC, and PS3 and a downloadable title.

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