This 'Resident Evil' Advergame Is Maybe The Best 'Resident Evil' Game Of 2012

Oh, it's not good, but this "Resident Evil: Retribution" shooter is a better kind of not-good than the two "Resident Evil" games we've seen this year.

It's called "Undead Unleashed," a top-down shooter released in conjunction with the latest "Resident Evil" movie from Paul W. S. Anderson, and you'll note that at the bottom of the page, they're very clear to say that this is not a Capcom product. Which is cool, because in 2012, Capcom spent a lot of time releasing very bad "Resident Evil" games.* With every zombie I shot in the repetitive, time-based shooter, I kept thinking "wow, this is the most enjoyment I've gotten out of killing the undead in a game with "Resident Evil in the the title all year."

Moreover, why haven't we gotten an Alice-focused "Resident Evil" game yet? Surely, someone at Capcom HQ must have at least thought about the possibility of putting the lovely Milla Jovovich (and her skin-tight action catsuits) into a character action game. With the film series coming to an end in a sixth movie, maybe it'll get a send off with the tie-in it deserves.

*I know I give Capcom a lot of crap about "Resident Evil 6" and "Revelations," but it's born from a place that really, really loves the series and is really, really disappointed with the backwards-looking efforts that came out this year.

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