Good Night, Sweet PS2: Sony Japan To Stop Shipment On The Console

After nearly 13 years, 150 million sold, and who knows how many gamers hooked worldwide, Sony Japan is set to end shipment on the incredibly long-lived PS2.

According to a Famitsu report, once the remaining stock of PS2s heading to retailers has been exhausted, Sony Japan will cease shipping out new hardware. This, as Sony presumably gets ready to usher in the next console generation with the followup to the PS3.

My memory of the PS2 launch is pretty vivid: at the time, I was working retail and they were incredibly hard to come by (and expensive to boot), meaning you had to contend with lines and waiting lists just for a chance to play some of the meager launch titles for the bulky, black new console. But the less-than-promising likes of launch titles "Orphen" and "X-Squad" gave way to "GTA III," "Tekken Tag Tournament," and "SSX," with the console ultimately amassing a library that rivals even current-gen titles in terms of memorable, classic games.

The PS2 has the distinction of outliving its predecessor by 2 years, with the PSOne ending production in 2006, giving it just a mite over 11 years on the market as Sony shifted its focus to the PS3.

[Source(s): Famitsu via Game Informer]

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