You Have Less Than A Week To Nab Humble Indie Bundle 7

In case you missed it, the latest collection serves up nine games, a movie, and ten soundtrack in support of indie development and the Child's Play charity.

Just in case you didn't quite get all of the games you were looking for over the holidays, the Humble Indie Bundle--currently in its seventh outing--is offering up a handful of titles, soundtracks, and a feature documentary to fill out your video game collection.

The current bundle is packed with several throwback style platformers ("Cave Story+," "Snapshot,") a pair of RPGs ("The Legend of Grimrock," "Dungeon Defender"), and some experimental games from the guys at Team Meat with "The Basement Collection" should you choose to pay more than the $6.45 average paid by most buyers. The other big item is the inclusion of "Indie Game: The Movie" in the basic tier along with donations to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play.

I'm just going to leave this link right here and let you decide if a bunch of games, soundtracks, and a movie are worth pitching in some funds for a good cause.

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