The 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Story Trailer Promises A 'Liquid' Situation

All of the Marines who came to LV-426 are dead. Send more Marines.

Don't go looking for a lot of gameplay in this fast-cut trailer which simply functions as a plot delivery system for February's "Aliens: Colonial Marines."

The new story trailer ties together James Cameron's "Aliens" with SEGA/Gearbox's upcoming shooter, which is set after the events of the 1986 film. Typically, with this kind of game the mystery is "what happened to the other troops," but since we know that already, Gearbox has added another pair of mysteries, it seems: how did the Sulaco end up in orbit again and who's the guy in the bag?

With the many callbacks to Cameron's film, it looks like Gearbox is making good on their promise to deliver something that is at least familiar in terms of this particular universe--now let's see how it plays.

"Colonial Marines" will be hitting the 360, PS3, and PC on February 12th.

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