Wii U eShop Indie Titles On Sale Into January!

Digital download deals were pretty hard to come by on Nintendo Wii, but it looks like the Big N is turning over a new leaf with the updated eShop. In a surprise move, a few indie titles currently at home on the Wii U eShop have received a bit of a discount in time for the holiday season.

"Trine 2: Director's Cut", "Chasing Aurora" and "Little Inferno" all have lower prices heading into 2013. "Trine 2: Director's Cut" has dropped from $19.99 to $15.99 until January 7th, "Little Inferno" is down from $14.99 to $9.99 until January 4th, and "Chasing Aurora" has been cut from $9.99 to $7.49 until January 3rd. Europe has also gotten a similar deal, with the addition of "Puddle".

Since the Wii U eShop launched last month, we've been wondering how Nintendo would go about offering sales on their digital games. They had said in the past that sales and pricing were going to be left up to developers, but considering these three games all come from different teams, it looks like the deals were initiated by Nintendo themselves.

It's great to see them doing it so soon after the console's launch, and something tells me it has a lot to do with all the Wii U consoles that will be unwrapped come Christmas morning.

[via Joystiq]

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