Theophany Rings In The Apocalypse With ‘Majora’s Mask’ Tribute Album, ‘Time’s End’

Yesterday, while everyone else was making their doomsday jokes and seeing who could find a way to plausibly wear out an MP3 of that REM track (I don’t even want to say its name, I’m so tired of the song), composer Theophany was freaking us out with an ominous ticking clock on the Terrible Fate site.

What did the image mean? What did it have to do with “Majora’s Mask?” And what would happen when the clock reached zero?

An album release, that’s what.

All this effort for “Time’s End: Majora’s Mask Remixed,” a 10-track album based on the N64 classic. Theophany says the release is a freebie for fans in honor of what he considers one of the greatest games ever made.

So did he do “Majora’s Mask” justice here? You can download the album for free or pay what you will right now.

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