'Final Fantasy IV' Now Available On iOS!

"Final Fantasy IV" originally came to North America back in 1991 as a Super Nintendo release, dubbed "Final Fantasy II". Today, Square Enix released "Final Fantasy IV" for iOS devices. Unfortunately, the premium price tag Square tends to slap on their mobile titles comes with it.

While several versions of "Final Fantasy IV" have been released, the one that's found its way to iOS is a port of 2008's Nintendo DS remake. It sports updated 3D graphics along with cut scenes featuring voice actors. Game Center support has also been added to the iOS release, meaning you'll have plenty of achievements to show your friends.

While the game has been updated, the story remains the same. Cecil, the captain of the Red Wings airships brigade, has been stripped of his command for insubordination. As punishment, he's sent on a courier mission, but things quickly change as Cecil's journey transitions from a simple quest to a mission to save the world.

"Final Fantasy IV" was the first game in the series to introduce players to the Active Time Battle System that is still used in Final Fantasy titles today. The game introduced players to fan-favorite characters including Cecil, Kain and Golbez, who were also featured in the Dissidia fighting games.

If you want to pick up "Final Fantasy IV" you can head over to the App Store, but you'll have to separate yourself from a cool $14.99 to get the download started. No surprise there, especially considering the price tag Theatrhythm hit iOS with.

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