App Of The Week: 'Pudding Monsters'

We learned a few weeks ago that ZeptoLab, the creators of mobile hit "Cut the Rope", had another game on the way. "Pudding Monsters" beefs up the traditional block-slider with unique characters and an entertaining visual style, and today it officially found its home in the App Store and Google Play.

While several block-sliders will have simply doing just that, ZeptoLab's take brings a bit of personality with it. The Pudding Monsters are on a mission to save their friends from the evil fridge owner, who's intent on eating them, and they'll be entertaining you the whole way through.

Like many mobile games, the goal is to get three stars in each level. Players do this by figuring out how to slide the Pudding Monsters together into one giant Pudding Monster, but you'll have to make sure your final move ends with each of the three star spaces covered. To pull this off, you'll get help from obstacles as well as Pudding Monsters with special abilities. One such ability is provided by the Slime Monster, who leaves a trail of green goo behind that acts as a sort of sticky barrier. Without any obstacles to stop them, your Pudding Monsters will slide right off the table when they're moved.

The game comes with 75 levels, moving from the kitchen, out of the house and finally into the city. The controls are simple (you'll pretty much just be swiping with one finger the whole time) and it's perfect for pick-up and play sessions when you're on the go, or waiting for the ridiculously long commercial break to come to a halt.

To celebrate the game's release, ZeptoLabs is currently offering up the Android, iPhone and iPad versions of "Pudding Monsters" for $.99. You can check out the gameplay trailer below to see the Pudding Monsters in action.

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