'Fez,' 'Mark of the Ninja' Get Price Cuts Today On Xbox LIVE

Hey, maybe you should get some of these really, really good games for cheap today.

Xbox LIVE's running a week of sales on their digital content, but today's the day that really seemed to have something that piqued my interest: half-off deals on a few titles that may have crept onto some Best of 2012 lists. The award-winning "Fez" and the ridiculously good "Mark of the Ninja" are at the top of the list at 400 MSP and 600 MSP respectively. Last year's "Trine 2" and this summer's "Hell Yeah!" also made the list and are definitely worth your consideration. I would say avoid "Sonic Adventure 2"--no matter how cheap it is. That game did not age well (if we're agreeing that it was ever good).

You can find the full list of titles below (links direct to Xbox LIVE pages):

Fez - 400 pts

Hell Yeah! - 600 pts

Sonic Adventure 2 - 400 pts

Rayman Origins (Games on Demand) - $9.99

Rayman 3 HD - 400 pts

Mark of the Ninja - 600 pts.

Trine 2 - 400 pts

[Source: Major Nelson]

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