Report: Amid Controversy, Survival MMO 'The War Z' Gets Pulled From Steam

Missing features and complaints of false advertising sees the "Day Z"-alike yanked from the Steam store and Forbes writer Erin Kain digs into some shady practices by developer Hammerpoint.

Forget subscriptions, forget paid DLC and expansion packs.

The War Z is as simple as this – once you install the game to your computer, you will be able to get into the game quickly and play without worrying about subscription fees, no hidden fees, and no paid updates. All updates will be seamlessly delivered to you free of charge when they’re released.

Add AAA graphics and effects mixed with the ability to run even on integrated video cards or low end laptops and you have a unique, fun, experience that is available to everyone.

Unfortunately, gamers on Steam who purchased the $14.99 release were greeted with a MMO/shooter featuring micro-transactions, while those AAA graphics may have been lifted from another shooter, a drastically smaller map than promised, along with a host of other features which may or may not be available in the future.

Steam is offering refunds for gamers dissatisfied with their time in "The War Z," after pulling it from the store this week amid complaints that gamers simply hadn't received the game they were promised. You should really check out Kain's piece which paints the picture that's not just a simple cash-in on the popular mod "Day Z," but what seems like an outright shoddy, unfinished product that somehow slipped through Valve's vetting process.

[Source: Forbes]

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