Strap In And Enjoy The First Five Minutes Of 'Bioshock Infinite'

Maybe you want to stay completely spoiler-free about the opening to "Bioshock Infinite," and if so, please feel free to pass on this post. For the rest of you, check out what Irrational Games has cooked up for the opening of their 2013 shooter, and how they slowly start laying down some of the seeds for the mystery of Columbia.

After you've checked it out, I have some quick thoughts after the jump.

And so we have our first introduction to Booker Dewitt, here of "Bioshock Infinit." Or is he? I ask because as "Bioshock" so famously demonstrated, our hero's actions and motivations might be suspect throughout. Armed with a wooden box full of memorabilia and a gun, he's rowed to a lighthouse in the middle of choppy waters by a faceless couple. That last bit seems like a major red flag in a series where character motivation and player agency have been such a big deal.

More than that, the sense of mystery woven throughout these first few minutes is intriguing even if the presentation little familiar (I'm speaking specifically of blood-splattered clues and signs leading to a lone corpse--they're just a handy signposts that say "hey--horrible things ahead"). I love the intentional echo of the opening of "Bioshock" here with Booker making an ascent to the top of the lighthouse in order to rise up into Columbia as opposed to the purposeful descent in the first game.

So there you have it--your first five minutes of "Bioshock Infinite." What did you think? Has Irrational pulled you in yet?

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