On The Way In January: NECA's Pair Of 'Bioshock Infinite' Figures

Sure, these are ancient by Internet standards (the original post from NECA was back in September), but it doesn't hurt to take a moment and marvel at this pair of figures from "Bioshock Infinite" based on Elizabeth and one of the "Heavy Hitters," The Boys of Silence.

Ranging from 6.5-7 inches, NECA's "Bioshock Infinite" figures tout the kind of crazy levels of articulation (20 points for Elizabeth, 27 for The Boys of Silence) and attention to detail you've come to expect from the toy makers. Elizabeth will have a real-cloth dress and The Boys of Silence will sport " carefully concealed opening mouth mechanism that is central to their in-game actions.

The item page says we can expect these sometime in January, but for what it's worth, Amazon is listing these series 1 figures with a February 28 release date priced at $19.99 each.

[Source: NECA]

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