Kickstartin': Fulfill The Promise Of Online Giant Monster Battles With 'Kaiju Combat'

Some of the devs behind Pipeworks Software's pair of Godzilla games got together and decided to perpetrate more monster-on-monster violence with an online fighting game.

Is it worth your money?

The planned brawler is being developed by Sunstone Games, a team led by "Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee" combat designer Simon Strange (who also owns the company). Strange's plan is to release "Kaiju Combat" as a free-to-play online fighter with one environment and four monsters along with a full retail game featuring a single-player story, multiple environments, and monsters designed by backers for the Kickstarter campaign. The game will recycle Pipeworks' Spigot engine for the action with more monsters on the way from potential licensors.

It's all part of a broader agenda to make a suite of "Kaiju"-related games which will allow players to import in monsters between titles. Sunstone Games is democratizing the design process by allowing backers to vote on features and financial decisions being made with the $100k project.

The project is, as of this writing, 80% funded with a week left on the clock. Will it reach that last $20,000 it needs to get made? If the assembled talent has carried over as much of the knowledge to make this kind of game as claimed in the Kickstarter campaign, then they're offering more of what you may or may not have liked about those Godzilla titles (if I recall, the characters were a little slower and more deliberate in "Melee" in order to give them that giant monster feel). And it's fortuitous that their campaign is in its final stretch the same weekend that "Pacific Rim" unveils its monster-heavy trailer.

So what do you think? Will you fund giant monster-on-monster violence in "Kaiju Combat?"

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