New Microsoft Project Aims To Blend Games and Film

It seems like Microsoft has had a lot going on in the TV department lately. We recently found out they were looking for an experienced producer to create original content, and now the Xbox 360 peddler is working to create a franchise that "that blends the best elements of games and TV/film."

The news comes from a job listing spotted by Videogamer, describing the project as an "exciting new AAA core game." Microsoft is apparently looking for someone with "games experience," along with a "proven track record of production experience in delivering linear media (TV/film)."

"We’re looking for a strong producer to join our team to help drive an innovative new effort to create a franchise that blends the best elements of games and TV/film. You will work with an experienced team at Microsoft Studios and with world-class development partners to contribute to the success of this exciting new AAA core game," reads the ad.

"Microsoft Studios has a number of successful core franchises: Halo, Fable, Forza Motorsport, and Gears of War. Our job is to add new blood to this stable of AAA franchises. We have huge ambitions for what we want to accomplish, and we need a great producer to be able to help us get where we want to go."

In November we found out that Microsoft had rebranded their Vancouver operation Black Tusk Studios, which is currently working on the "next big entertainment franchise." On top of that, former CBS executive Nancy Tellem recently joined the ranks to create "unique, compelling storytelling experiences" at a new studio in L.A. Could this be related? We'll have to wait and see.

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