MMO Developer Nexon Announces 'Ghost In the Shell: Standalone Complex' Game

The MMO maker has signed up to develop a game based on the Masamune Shirow manga and the anime it inspired.

No dates, platforms, or even style of game are hinted at from the Nexon press release, but it wouldn't be a surprise if the company behind "Maple Story" decided to go full MMO for the cyberpunk thriller series. "Ghost In the Shell" is over 20 years old now and has made appearances on previous consoles, notably the '97 tank-based shooter from from developer Exact (which was really hard to find back in the day), but I'm suspecting based on their track record that's not the approach Nexon will take with the IP.

Lacking any other concrete details, let's allow our imaginations to run wild for a bit: you'll be able to outfit your cynernetic cop or crook in Newport City with all kinds of upgrades, maybe with the occasional Fuchikoma cropping up for use.

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