Preorder 'Metro: Last Light' Limited Edition On The PS3, Get 'Homefront' For Free

THQ and 4A Games reveal preorder details for the regular and limited editions of the shooter--and Sony nabs the version that includes another full game.

Hey kids, free-ish stuff: besides the typical DLC you'd expect from a preorder, THQ is throwing in a copy of 2011's guerilla warfare shooter "Homefront" gratis* starting December 18th along with a free PSN theme if you preorder the digital version of "Metro: Last Light."

If you're getting the 360 or PC versions, you'll have to content yourself with these digital extras (also included with the PS3 version):

- The ultra-hard "Ranger Mode" making its return from "Metro 2033"

- "Ranger load-out" which will allow you to spend points on upgrades to weapons and equipment

- In-game weapon: AKS-74U modified Russian rifle

*By many accounts, "Homefront" wasn't the game Kaos intended to make. The story of its development is a fascinating one--you should check it out over at Polygon.

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