There Was Nearly A Wii U 'Metro: Last Light'

According to a recent interview with a rep from THQ, the apocalyptic shooter had chance at making its way to the Wii U once upon a time.

According to developer Games' rep Huw Benyon in an interview with Spong, Our look at the Wii U extended to a very early look at some very early kits. We… we did some work on it, but we made a decision fairly early on that we weren’t going to commit further resource to it," adding that any scuttlebutt about the game being nixed because of any perceived weaknesses in the Wii U's CPU shout be "attributed with a pinch of salt."

"ZombiU" has shown that the Wii U offers a potentially interesting home for horror-themed FPS titles, and if 4A Games had found a way to integrate Gamepad support into "Metro: Last Light," Nintendo could have created a really compelling reason for gamers to check out the shooter on their console.

As is stands, you can pick up "Metro: Last Light" on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 early next year.

[Source: Spong via Gamespot]

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