Poor Career Choices And Pest Bleach Are Featured In The Latest 'Borderlands 2' Claptrap Video

Please silence all cellphones before viewing this video.

CL4-TP's fallen on hard times after getting booted from "Borderlands," as we see in the latest video from the Claptrap web series. Kids, develop your secondary skills: no telling when the market for acerbic kill-bots will dry up.

So far, I'm really enjoying this series--Gearbox has already sold their copies of "Borderlands 2" and they're not trying to push it especially hard here, instead preferring to goof off with one of their characters in order to see where that goes. Plus, that ending tune is nice and jaunty. So jaunty, it might be stuck in my head, but jaunty nonetheless.

You can catch up on previous installments of the series here.

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