Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Brings The Music To iOS [UPDATE]

It looks like "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy", the goofy rhythm game based on tunes from the Final Fantasy franchise, is heading to iOS devices. Square Enix has been pretty quiet about the port, but it's been spotted in the New Zealand App Store, which may be a hint that its headed to other regions.

Heading to a different platform usually means new features and, according to the iTunes listing, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on iOS is getting some. A new “Quest Medley” mode puts players through various songs across random field and battle stages, and new characters and songs have also been added. On top of that, players will now have the ability to share their own creations via Twitter.

The app looks to be universal, compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and free. However, the initial download apparently only sets you up with two songs. New songs can be downloaded via in-app purchase, but Joystiq suggests that it may cost up $150 to unlock everything.

The release date on the New Zealand App Store page is set for December 13th, which most likely means we won't be seeing it in the US until then. We'll post an update when more info is available.

[via Joystiq]

UPDATE: Square Enix has confirmed the game for other regions, including the U.S. The free download comes with 2 musical scores and 13 characters. You can also purchase over 100 additional songs for $.99 each, and characters for $1.99 each. Basic song bundles (4 song sets) are available for $2.99.  

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