Double Fine Dates 'Kinect Party,' Giving It Away Through The End Of The Year

Free stuff keeps popping up today.

After the successful launch of "Double Fine Happy Action Theater" a mere 10 months ago, you can look forward to a bunch more party games from the people behind "Psychonauts" and "Brutal Legend." "Kinect Party" is on the way to your Xbox machines as a free download starting December 18th via Xbox Live--at least through the New Year, according to a post from Double Fine.

The new party game will have "36 amazing reality-altering activities," which I'm taking to mean more Kinect-enabled ARGs.

From the official synopsis:

No Instructions or Tutorials... It Responds To Whatever You Do! -- Anyone that walks in front of the Kinect will be immediately represented in Kinect Party. It will respond to their input in interesting ways. No complicated gestures to memorize or deep game controls. No signing in, and out, and in again. Just walk up and start playing!

No Fails, Just Fun! -- The channels are each more toys than games -- you can interact with them and see how they respond, but it's not a test of raw skill like you'd find in a traditional game. The channels are open-ended and leave it to the player to decide how they want to have fun in them. There's no wrong way to play Kinect Party!

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