THQ Unveils A New 'Metro: Last Light' Trailer, Gives Away 'Metro 2033'


With "Metro: Last Light" on the way in March, THQ is giving away its 2010 predecessor through a Facebook campaign "while supplies last." In this instance, "supplies" refers to the digital codes for 4A Games' critically-acclaimed, post-apocalyptic shooter.

Warning: you may have to download an executable file in order to set up the game/input your code, although you can activate the purchase via Steam for the approximately 7.5 GB file.

As for the new trailer, it gives us a little slo-mo imbroglio between the surviving humans and the brawny subterranean creatures out to grind their bones to bits. While the bulk of the running time is used to set the mood, we do get some gameplay from 4A Games to set the stage for their shooter. What more can I say here--it looks like 4A is working on a creepy shooter with all kinds of little flourishes to remind you that this is not just a camera with a gun on a swivel, but an actual character you're occupying.

"Metro: Last Light" will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in March.

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