'Bioshock Infinite's' Bro-Tastic Cover Explained

Still got your underwear in a bunch over the generic dude-bro cover of "Bioshock Infinite?" Maybe creative director Ken Levine can explain the (Ir)rational decision.

In an interview with Wired, Mr. Levine defends the controversial box art for "Bioshock Infinite."

“I looked at the cover art for BioShock 1, which I was heavily involved with and love, I adored. And I tried to step back and say, if I’m just some guy, some frat guy, I love games but don’t pay attention to them… if I saw the cover of that box, what would I think? And I would think, this is a game about a robot and a little girl. That’s what I would think. I was trying to be honest with myself. Trust me, I was heavily involved with the creation of those characters and I love them.”

He goes on further saying that the "Bioshock" already knows what they're getting into but the box art is there for the masses who aren't hunched over counting every pixel on a screen to glean some new fact to spread in the message boards.

“I wanted the uninformed, the person who doesn’t read IGN… to pick up the box and say, okay, this looks kind of cool, let me turn it over. Oh, a flying city. Look at this girl, Elizabeth on the back. Look at that creature. And start to read about it, start to think about it.”

I can partly agree that you need to be able to grab someone's attention with a relatable image. And it's not really falsifying the core component of the Bioshock franchise, in so much that you are, more often than not, shooting at something with a gun. The only troubling thing I can see is that on a shelf full of brown haired, white dudes holding a rifle, how does the uninformed buyer make the difference?

On the plus side, Levine acknowledges the fanbase and extends an olive branch of sorts with a "whole set of alternate covers that you can download and print." So maybe you can make peace with a couple of hi-res print outs?

At any rate, the interview shows an interesting side of how publishers, PR, and devs must make concessions when releasing a product.

[Via Wired]

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