Both 'Street Fighter' And 'Mega Man' Turn 25, Capcom Celebrates With 'Street Fighter X Mega Man'

Hey, did you ever wish that some of the original characters from "Street Fighter" could somehow make their way into a new 8-bit-style "Mega Man" game? Too specific? Well, it's happening anyway thanks to fan Seow Zong Hui, and has the official blessing of Capcom who'll be releasing the platformer via Capcom-Unity for free on December 17th for the PC.

"Street Fighter X Mega Man" will have the pint-sized blue hero blasting his way through "Street Fighter"-inspired levels fighting aiming his Mega Buster at the likes of Dhalsim and Chun Li who will serve as bosses for the game.

Singaporean Hui (aka "Sonic") developed the game "with direction and support provided by Capcom" according to the release, getting help from Luke Esquivel (aka “A_Rival”) on the original soundtrack. You might be familiar with Hui as one of the co-creators of the "Beast Is Unleashed" 8-bit homage video based on Daigo's legendary 2004 EVO victory in "Street Fighter III: The Third Strike."

The game serves as a bridge between the 25th anniversaries of "Street Fighter," which reached the milestone this year, and "Mega Man," which will hit the target in 2013. If the amount of content Capcom pumped out in 2012 for "Street Fighter" can serve as an indicator, we might be expect a lot more official releases and news heading into next year (he said to himself, hoping for another numbered "Mega Man" and "X" title).

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