‘Crysis 3’ Release Date Locked Down For February 19th, Enjoy Some New Screens

Sure, we knew that Crytek’s shooter would be due sometime that month, but EA has nailed down both the North American (2/19) and European (2/21) release dates for “Crysis 3.” That means you’re only two months away (give a week and some change) from traipsing through the foliage around the recently-invaded New York in your sleek new power suit.

The new screens and official release date come the same day that EA dropped the first in its series of web videos by “From Hell” director Albert Hughes detailing some of “wonders” we can expect in the sequel. Crytek allowed Hughes access to the development team to discuss some of the tech going into “Crysis 3” and prettying up a lush, jungle war zone.

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