New Update Introduces She-Ra To 'He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe'!

"He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe" sees the titular character hot on Skeletor's heels as he makes his way through Eternia on a quest to save Castle Grayskull. Earlier today, Chillingo revealed that the Princess of Power She-Ra will be joining him on his adventure, as part of "The Most Powerful Update in the Universe."

The update, which is available for free via the App Store, brings Princess Adora's alter ego straight into the fight with unique upgrades and items and unique skins for the world map, store and load screens. On top of that, players will also be able to summon She-Ra's trusty sidekick Swiftwind and play two new levels.

In addition to the new character, the update also introduces an improved tutorial for newcomers and a new control scheme that includes virtual buttons. If you want to see She-Ra in action while you wait for the update to download, check out the trailer below!

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