'Trials Evolution' Gets 'Riders of Doom' DLC Later This Month

Ubisoft and RedLynx recently revealed that "Trials Evolution", the downloadable motocross game that's been tearing up XBLA, has sold 1 million copies. To celebrate the occasion (and the end of the world) a new batch of DLC has been announced for the arcade racer.

"Riders of Doom" is set in Big Sands Land, a new environment that players will watch build up and tear down as they make there way through the levels. It adds 40 new tracks to the back-flipping, face-crushing fun, along with a powerful new motorbike named the Banshee. In addition to all that digital goodness, the DLC pack also introduces ten new Skill Games, including an endless series of generated obstacles. Hundreds of new items have also been added to the game's level editor.

The new DLC content will be available this month on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points (about $5), but Ubisoft hasn;t set a specific date just yet. In the meantime you can watch a trailer below.

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